Once your box is delivered, its is considered sold, and cannot be refunded. We can find a home for the veggies if you are unable to pick up.

Putting Shares on Hold

It is easy to manage your account online. If you are going out of town and want to skip your next delivery, you can put a future box on hold by going to your account and clicking on the calendar day you wish to hold. All holds must be placed no later than Friday midnight of the previous week. Last-minute cancellations cannot be accepted . You can let us know to donate your share or you can have a friend pick up your share to try freshness farms out for a week!

Need to cancel? You can cancel your account from your dashboard. Make sure you cancel before Friday midnight of the previous week, in order not to be charged for future deliveries. 

Reusable Totes
We will charge $20 per blue tote not returned within 3 weeks. Please leave labels on the totes.

Our goal is to meet an average retail value of $34 for Full Size boxes and $19.50 for Half Size. This will vary considerably throughout the season and even between boxes in the same week as quality, quantity, and variety shift.